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Secret mouse blocks

December 26, 2012

As promised a while back on Clobbr’s Twitter feed, there are now three secret mice hiding behind blocks somewhere on each level.

These mice will eventually be used to unlock new areas in the game. The number of mice required to gain access to new lands isn’t yet determined, but with 60 available in each area, it’ll likely be somewhere around 45. And each new world unlocked will show an image of the mice helping our (still unnamed) monster friend in a variety of ways: a mouse bridge, then perhaps a mouse ladder, mouse raft, maybe even a mouse balloon, if we’re alright throwing physics completely out the window for the sake of the storyline.

The images of the mice are just placeholders. Had to find something that would work for now. Soon they’ll be super cute little guys who cower behind the rocks and flee for the surface as soon as the blocks are broken.

Go ahead and play a round or two! Then let me what you think in the comments.



Other changes in this version:
The countdown actually stops counting down when you pause the game
Blocks are all worth points—10, then 20, then 30, and so on.
Extra points are awarded for each second left on the clock after a level’s finished
The game keeps track of each level’s high score, letting you know when you score higher

Next up, I’ll be making the stump change places at the top of the level, which will allow for more puzzle options. Then it’ll be on to creating more blocks for worlds 3 and later.

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