Warning: Contains mild violence.

Precious, adorable mild violence.

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About Clobbr


Clobbr is a casual mobile puzzle game where the player must help a blue monster save his mice friends from a bothersome cat. To accomplish this, the player must arrange rows of blocks to guide a chain reaction from the top to the bottom of the screen, ultimately bonking the cat on the head and letting the mice escape.

Clobbr will soon be available for iOS and Android devices, and the mechanics are perfect for phones and tablets: just swipe rows of blocks left and right to complete each puzzle. The monster will take care of the rest!

As you progress through the 20 worlds, you’ll find a variety of special items to help you along your way: catapults, bowling balls, portals, pinball bumpers and trampolines, to name a few. And the more mice you free from each level, the more help you’ll get in reaching more and more worlds.

Each level in Clobbr is 20 seconds long, so the game is perfect for short breaks when more immersive games would demand too much of your time. Waiting for the bus? Friends running a bit late? Finish your lunch before everyone else? Sounds like a perfect time to play a couple quick rounds of Clobbr.


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