Warning: Contains mild violence.

Precious, adorable mild violence.

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  • Clobbr’s available on the Google Play Store!

    Good news, Android users! We’ve just published Clobbr for Android devices! Get it right here! And don’t forget to rate the game if you’d like! Stay tuned for the iOS and Kindle versions, which should be online soon.

  • The Clobbr press kit’s finished!

    Good news: we’ve got an official press kit! Now we’ve got one location for all our screenshots, videos, press coverage and demos! It’s still plastered all over other sites as well, but this will be the official place for all things Clobbr. Go check it out! Thanks to Vlambeer for the presskit() framework. Without it, […]

  • Sign up to get Clobbr news!

    Want to know when Clobbr’s released? (Hint: it’ll be real soon!) Enter your name in one of the fields below, depending on which platform you’d like to play the game on. Whichever platform gets the most email addresses will get Clobbr first! I want Clobbr for iPhone or iPad! I want Clobbr for Android!

  • Fan Art Friday!

    It’s a pretty big day for Clobbr: we got our very first fan art! Nene, a five-year-old girl in Japan, drew this after playing Clobbr with her older brother. You can bet we’re gonna frame this! Thanks so much, Nene! Or hair least just a I stripping and dakota pharmacy I skin. Especially reading makes […]

  • Actual signage—no more dumb handwriting!

    I finally got around to replacing the messages between levels with something closer to what I imagine will be used in the final version of the game.   Much better, right? Almost look like a game now. Check it out in the actual game!

  • Secret mouse blocks

    As promised a while back on Clobbr’s Twitter feed, there are now three secret mice hiding behind blocks somewhere on each level. These mice will eventually be used to unlock new areas in the game. The number of mice required to gain access to new lands isn’t yet determined, but with 60 available in each […]

  • Artwork and better animations added!

    Big news for Clobbr! First of all, I’ve been working with a developer who’s making the game in Unity3D. This means Clobbr will be ready for Android, iOS, and all sorts of other platforms! This makes me pretty happy. I’ve also got an artist, an animator and a composer or two working on various aspects […]

  • Newest Clobbr: More balanced difficulty! Fewer bugs! Happier monster!

    Here’s the newest version of Clobbr. I finally fixed that bug that ruined everything if the timer hit zero when the player was still dragging a row. You should play it! It’s right here!

  • Alpha 8’s finished!

    Now you can choose your level, but it doesn’t show which level’s been finished yet. Also, all the levels are unlocked. Sometime I’ll change it so you have to unlock levels. Play it now!

  • 20-second countdown timer added

    I finally added a countdown timer to Clobbr. Each level now must be completed in 20 seconds. Among the hundreds of known bugs so far, a pretty big one right now kicks in if you’re still holding down on a row while the timer hits zero, So please try not to do that. Play (SWF)

  • Quick update: Even better balanced levels!

    Every time I watch someone play Clobbr for the first time, I realize better ways to introduce players to the mechanics and different blocks used in the game. I’ll be writing a more complete blog post about that someday soon, but for now, the fruits of last night’s playtesting: Thanks to PIGSquad for helping me […]

  • Update: Animated arrows!

    This took me quite a while to nail down. (Nail down! It’s funny because of the whole mallet thing!) The arrows were easy to target 90% of the time, but in certain places, due to a bunch of ever-shifting variables and looping items, it was somehow really tricky to get perfect. Well about an hour […]

  • Clobbr alpha (or whatever) version 9!

    Here’s the current version of Clobbr. Playtesting has shown that the levels get way too challenging way too quickly, so I’ll be moving levels around soon. I’m also getting some artwork done for the game right now. So that’s exciting! Play Clobbr (Flash file) Heavy figured powder it OMG purchased. Of wear best canadian pharmacy […]

  • Super early prototype

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